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Click here to visit our Stihl online store. 


 Welcome to our website please take a few minutes to look around. At Texarkana Tractor we are committed to being the supplier of choice for the finest products and services to the agricultural producer, commercial operator, and the homeowner. Our product lines include Kubota Dixie Chopper,  Stihl, Land Pride,Krone, Bush Hog and much more.              

Take a few minutes to browse through our site. For information about makes and models visit our online showrooms. In the showrooms you can obtain specs,pictures,pricing and more. Be sure to check out our new and used inventory as well.

Contact us by email or by calling 903-838-4377(local) or 1-888-372-1871(toll free).Let us answer your questions and help you find the right product at the right price:guaranteed.We look forward to serving you !



Its Stihl power equipment season at Texarkana Tractor ! 

 Summer is here and that means lawn care is in full swing. Stop by and see us for your Stihl power equipment. We keep a large inventory of Stihl equipment in stock, like trimmers,edgers,blowers,the popular Stihl Combi System and much more. If your looking for lawn mowers check out our models from Kubota and Dixie Chopper. If you need parts or service we can help you there as well. You can count on Texarkana Tractor to help keep your lawn or property looking good. 

The article below offers some good tips regarding gasoline for your Stihl power equipment. 


Gasoline Guidelines for STIHL Outdoor Power Equipment

Gasoline Guidelines for STIHL Outdoor Power Equipment

Not all gasoline is the same. Knowing a few facts about your fuel can keep the engines in your STIHL equipment running strong.

What you need to know about Ethanol:

  • Much of the gasoline sold throughout the United States contains ethanol. The maximum ethanol content allowed by law for use in outdoor power equipment is limited to 10% (E10). Make sure the gasoline you purchase for your outdoor power equipment contains no more than 10% ethanol. If the filling station pump is not labeled with the ethanol content, ask the station attendant what percentage of ethanol is in the gasoline.
  • Ethanol can dissolve varnish and gum deposits that have previously formed inside fuel storage cans or the equipment's engine. When these deposits become dislodged, they can mix with the fuel and plug small openings and filters within the fuel system.
  • Ethanol attracts and mixes with moisture in the air, causing corrosion to metal components in the fuel system. If enough water is absorbed, the ethanol and water will settle out of the gasoline blend and settle to the bottom of the equipment's tank. The layer of gasoline left floating on top has a lower octane level than the original ethanol gasoline blend, which can result in unstable engine operation, power loss and major engine failures.
  • Since the fuel is often drawn from the bottom of the fuel tank, the engine is drawing in a mixture of ethanol and water with no gasoline and no lubricating oil. This ethanol/water mix is thicker than gasoline and cannot easily pass through the fuel system. This can result in hard starting, unsafe high idle speeds, stalling, and can ultimately lead to engine damage or fuel system failure.

Guidelines for using E10 gasoline in STIHL power equipment:

If the proper precautions are taken, gasoline containing a 10% quantity of ethanol can safely be used in your STIHL products.

  • Use a minimum of 89 octane gasoline and always use fresh fuel. Only buy enough gasoline that you can easily use up within a two-month period or use a specially formulated fuel mixture like STIHL MotoMix® Premixed Fuel. STIHL MotoMix® is a high-grade, high-octane, ethanol-free premixed fuel containing STIHL HP Ultra synthetic oil. It is a pure and stable fuel mixture that can be stored for up to two years in the original container and is ideal for machines that are used infrequently.
  • For air-cooled, two-cycle engines, use a quality mix oil that meets the engine manufacturer's recommendations. All STIHL oils are designed to readily mix with gasoline containing 10% ethanol.
  • Properly store your equipment. If your equipment is not going to be used for a couple of months, the remaining gasoline in the machine should be drained from the tank and disposed of properly. To ensure that any remaining ethanol is removed from your equipment, STIHL recommends adding a small amount of STIHL MotoMix® Premixed Fuel to the tank and running the engine for a few minutes to circulate the fuel through the carburetor.
  • Equipment should be serviced regularly by your STIHL Dealer. Items such as fuel filters, fuel lines, carburetor diaphragms and spark plugs should be checked and replaced if necessary as part of a normal engine tune-up.


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